Top 10 Grout Cleaning Tips

Top 10 Grout Cleaning Tips

Top 10 Tips For Tile and  Grout Cleaning

1. Do not use wire brushes and abrasive cleaners like soft scrub and others. They can ruin your grout as well as your tile. Get a nylon grout brush that is designed to fit perfectly into the grout lines

2. Always let any cleaner you use  sit for a few minutes on the area you want cleaned before brushing. Let the chemicals loosen the dirt for you.

3. Many effective cleaning products for some things can ruin others even if they are “natural”. Always check the label. Common sensitive surfaces are stainless steel appliances, wood cabinets & flooring, painted walls and any natural stone like marble or granite countertops & floors.

4.  Do not expect perfection from cleaning alone.  Even we do not guarantee perfection from just cleaning. Some stains are there to stay. We only guarantee perfection if we seal the grout after cleaning. Our sealing process restores the grout color even if cleaning cannot.

5. If you want Grout Works of Central NJ to clean and seal your tile and grout do not call the day before.

6. Always use a nice amount of water when mopping tiles so the water cleans the grout as well.

7. Always dry the floor after mopping to absorb any dirt that was collected in the mopping water.

8. Be aware of what dirt or grime you are trying to clean. This is more of a factor than the surface you are trying to clean. Are you cleaning grease, mold or regular dirt ?  Each thing requires a different method of cleaning. However, do not use an effective cleaning method if it will harm the surface you are trying to clean.

9. Get your grout sealed. It will make grout cleaning much easier.

10.  Do not look at our before and after pictures if you intend to clean your grout yourself. It will just frustrate you.