Grout Works of Central NJ specializes in natural stone care and restoration. We take pride in transforming dull marble floors back to their true shine. There is a lot of ignorance when it comes to natural stones such as marble and travertine. This is found both among homeowners and cleaning services. Many people think their marble floor needs to be cleaned or buffed to restore its shine, and they will call in cleaning companies who will only make it worse.


We at Grout Works NJ educate our customers about how to maintain their stone and marble to keep it looking good. What cleaning products are advisable and other maintenance tips. We restore and polish marble with our knowledge and expertise, as we are trained by nationally acclaimed experts in the field of natural stone care. True polish or shine restoration can only be accomplished once their is clarity in the stone and scratches and imperfections are removed. Only after this process can we polish marble to a high sheen. In addition to marble, we service many types of stone, such as limestone, travertine, slate and granite on surfaces such as floors, countertops, vanities, and showers. We offer a “honed” finish as well as a polished finish and advise what finish would look the best for that particular type of stone as well as what is practical in each particular situation. A polished marble may look nicer and is easier to clean, but may be a very slippery shower floor. Travertine or limestone many times look nicer with a more natural honed finish although it is harder to clean like this. If necessary, we can repair chips in the stone such as granite countertops or travertine floors and seal granite countertops and porous stone floors to prevent staining.

Grout Works is proud to serve the upscale homeowners of Monmouth & Ocean County NJ.

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Grout Works of Central NJ provides service to businesses and consumers in Ocean County, Monmouth County and beyond.

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