Why do grout colors sometimes come out wrong ?

Why do grout colors sometimes come out wrong ?

Why Does a Grout Color Not Always Look Like the Color You Chose ?

Many times grout colors do not come out as expected.

There are a number of reasons for this.

1. The most common reason is that many times grout colors do not look exactly like the sample grout stick.  Many times the color is lighter or bolder than expected. Especially with medium and darker grouts the color will usually be a shade lighter. You can always take a little bit of grout mix in to water to a thick paste and let it dry overnight and see if you like the color before you have your tile installer come to grout the floor.

2.  Sometimes dark grouts can be slightly uneven in color. Since dark grouts have a lot of pigment in them it can be difficult to wipe and clean the residue properly and at the same time not wash out some of the color as well. Even veteran tile installers can have color issues on some occasions with dark grout. Certain grout types are better with color uniformity and many experienced tile installers have their preferences. Ask for their recommendation on choosing a grout type.

3. A much more common reason dark grouts can be discolored and have white or light spots in them is due to construction dust. Most construction dust is light and can settle in to the grout. When the grout is wet or still fresh this white dust can bleed in to the darker grout and many times cannot be restored by cleaning alone. However the grout color can be darkened afterward with a grout sealer that contains the right color pigment.

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