Grout is porous. Typical floors have sanded grout. Imagine pouring water into sand where does it all go? It is absorbed into the sand. When you mop, where do you think all that dirty water goes? It goes straight into your sanded grout lines. Over time, doing this over and over again will stain your grout. Once grout has been stained even the best cleaning cannot restore its original color. Imagine washing a dirty rag, do you think you can make it look brand new?

Grout Works of Central NJ LLC has the best grout sealer on the market produced exclusively by and for Grout Works. There are many grout sealers out there and many simply do not work. Some grout sealers will work but are topical and wear out from wear and tear. They need to be stripped and resealed every year. Some grout sealers are better but they look fake and they will ruin the natural look of the tile floor. Even superior grout sealers will yellow over time. Grout Works sealer is a penetrating and topical sealer, it sinks right into grout and looks completely natural. It is also a color sealer so it maintains its color. We can customize our grout sealer to match any tile or color grout.

Even if your grout is already stained after a good cleaning we can restore the original grout color with our Color Seal.

Additionally, our grout sealer strengthens the grout itself preventing grout from cracking or coming loose.

Our grout sealer was produced by one of the top chemists in the world and is only available through your local Grout Works.

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Grout Works of Central NJ provides service to businesses and consumers in Ocean County, Monmouth County and beyond.

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