What do we do? 
We have a two-step process: First, we clean the tile and grout. Second, we color seal it.

How do you clean tile floors and grout lines? 
We hand brush with our proprietary cleaner.

Do you steam clean? 
Generally we only steam clean in commercial or flood cleanup situations. (See blog for more on this topic)..

Is the cleaner or sealer toxic? 
No. They have no lingering odors and they are EPA approved. 

What is “color sealing”? 
The seal itself has a color (This type of sealing is not a clear seal.)

Why don’t you use a clear seal? 
There are clear grout sealers on the market but we do not use them because all clear grout sealers will yellow over time.

Why can’t I just clean my own grout? 
Grout is porous and is made with sand. If you try to clean grout the sand absorbs the dirty water as you mop which causes it to stain. Even if you clean it to the best of your ability it will still not restore the original brand new color/look.

When I clean my grout it looks clean? 
If, from the time it is new, you constantly brush it you may be right but this is a lot of work to do consistently and after a couple of years your grout will stain. If you think otherwise you probably don’t remember how your tile floor looked when it was brand new.

How much does it cost to get my tile and grout cleaned and sealed? 
It really depends on the size of your floor and a host of other factors but it is a lot cheaper than replacing your floor or re-grouting.

Why can’t I clean and seal my tile and grout myself? 
You could but the grout sealers on the market are junk and will not work at well at all. Those grout sealers will not last very long or they will not look real. Another problem you will have is how to get the sealer off your tile floor when you are finished.

Why is your grout sealer better? 
Our grout sealer is not available for purchase. It is only available through us. It is a penetrating and topical sealer and was created by one of the top chemist’s in the world. It will actually absorb into the grout so that it does not have wear and tear from walking on it like the topical sealers in your local store. It definitely works and we warranty it from staining. We have 19 years of experience on how to apply it in the optimal way and how to remove residue from the tiles. 

Do you just paint grout? 
NO. People have tried that and have to deal with cracking and chipping which turns into a real mess! Our sealer does not crack and chip, quite the opposite, it actually helps prevent grout from chipping and cracking.

Can you do any color? 
Yes we can customize your grout lines to any color you would like.

Will my floor stay clean after you color seal my grout? 
If you follow our recommended simple maintenance on how to mop your floor, yes it will stay clean.

How long does it take to clean tile and color seal grout? 
Generally it is a 1 day process and you can walk on it right afterward.

What areas do you service? 
We primarily service Ocean & Monmouth County NJ. However for larger jobs or if we will be in your area for another job we will go to other parts of NJ, NY & PA.

What type of clientele do you service? 
We accommodate a broad range of customers in NJ. We have serviced upscale custom waterfront homes as well as typical homes. We have serviced office buildings for large corporations and nursing homes as well as smaller retail stores. We take the time to discuss our customers needs in order to meet and exceed their expectations.

Who We Service

Grout Works of Central NJ provides service to businesses and consumers in Ocean County, Monmouth County and beyond.

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