How to pick the right grout color ?

How to pick the right grout color ?

How do you choose the right grout color ?

Generally when grout blends in to the tile there is a nicer flow and cleaner appearance to the floor. Especially nowadays with large tiles and thin grout lines in style, the goal is to create as seamless a floor as possible. The best way to match a grout color is to compare a grout sample to the base color of the tile not the design in  the tile. If you are unsure which color to choose go a bit lighter because if  the grout is darker than the tiles it will not blend at all. If the grout color is slightly lighter it can still look decent. However keep in mind actual grout looks a shade lighter than the grout sample sticks.

There are a few exceptions where a contrasting grout can look very nice.

  1. When there is a pattern of different color tiles a contrasting color can add to that “busy” effect.
  2. When the tile has an irregular shape like a hexagon the contrasting grout can accent that shape.
  3. When the tiles are not laid straight rather in a pattern like a brick lay or basket weave the contrasting grout can accentuate that design.
  4. Sometimes  small tiles or mosaics can look good  with a contrasting grout.

If you cannot find the grout color that goes with your tiles grout colors can be customized either by mixing pigments into the grout before installing.  After the grout was installed the color can be changed as well.  Even if your grout color did not come out as you had thought the color can be changed without replacing your new grout.  This can be done by staining or color sealing the grout lines with the proper color. You can see in our gallery many before and after pictures where we changed the grout color. In next article we will discuss the various reasons why grout colors do not always come out to the color you expected.

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