Monsey NY Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing Services

Monsey NY Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing Services

Dear Monsey NY Residents,

This kitchen floor is one of the thousands of floors we have professionally cleaned in NJ and NY. This particular tile floor was in Lakewood NJ. We service all areas of Monsey NY including Airmont, Wesley Hills, Suffern, Spring Valley and we service upstate NY in the summer season throughout Rockland and Orange county and the catskill mountains.

Many times people try to clean grout themselves. They google and search for cleaning methods and watch  videos online where it appears to magically work with that magical cleaning product , gadget, steamer or grout brush. Sometimes people think they can buy some grout pen and just color or paint their grout lines. Unfortunately, either the results fall far short of their expectations or the process is much more difficult than they anticipated. Even if all goes well many times people unknowingly wear down and ruin the binders of their grout. As a result the grout begins to start breaking down and overtime start to crack or crumble.

Grout Works specializes in making your grout look brand new just like that awesome after picture you can see  and seals grout line by line painstakingly so that every grout line is sealed and completely stain proof. A one time investment in doing your grout right will yield superior results and enable you to have brand new looking grout for a number of years. There will be no need to scrub and proper mopping will keep your grout clean with a Grout Works grout sealer.

Many companies will merely just “steam” grout and mop on a seal. Those companies would be better off sticking to carpet cleaning. At Grout Works of Central NJ we take our time to do things properly and do each grout line one line at a time. We use multiple types of cleaning solutions and cleaning methods to insure the grout is deep cleaned and detailed properly. The same goes for grout sealing as well. Each line is sealed by hand and tested afterwards to be sure that it is completely water proof and stain proof. Our before and after pictures speak for themselves and we are proud to guarantee the same outstanding results to all our customers.

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Grout Works proudly serves Monsey, Suffern, Airmont, Spring Valley, Wesley Hills, Nyack  NY and all throughout the 10952 zip code and surrounding areas in Rockland County NY and Bergen County NJ